Event Biobased chemicals

For the last three decades industrial biotechnology has seen stunning advances earlier generations could not have imagined. But we are still only at the beginning of the White Biotech revolution that will change the face of production industries forever. Bio-based building blocks and biopolymers are on their way in to set new standards in mass production and are playing an important and growing role in circular economy and in reducing the fossil oil footprint. GEA solutions and biorefinery experience cover nearly every type of renewable resource and industry application and our customers benefit from a network of professionally staffed test centers, laboratory facilities and pilot plants. Today we will talk about one route of using renewables at a Biorefinery. Often called ‘white biotech’, it refers to the production of bio based intermediates or platform materials.

During this webinar you will:

  • Understand why white biotech is so important to safeguard future generations
  • Learn about the options in separation technology
  • See the challenges and solutions in production, including risk mitigation
  • Find out how GEA can contribute to your success
  • Get the opportunity to quiz our experts

The Webinar lasts 25 minutes, followed by a Q&A session.

We will be hosting this webinar on two different time slots.
Sign here for the 16:00 CET / 10:00 EST session.

Meet the experts:

Jens Buehring

Senior Product Manager Sales – Chemical & Pharma, GEA Westfalia Separator Group

“GEA separators are well-known for their excellent separation efficiency which is generated by high rotation speed and a large surface area.”

Kai Stoeßel

Director Sales Evaporation & Chemical Filtration , GEA Wiegand

“We foresee a suitable amount of field instruments to allow an automatic operation of the plant and to allow process analysis from remote.”

Robert Buchfink

Product Manager – Solution Crystallization, GEA Messo

“Our crystallizer design is highly sophisticated to meet the process challenges and to deliver the required crystal size and shape.”

Claus-Patuel Rasmussen

Area Sales Manager – Chemical Drying, GEA Process Engineering

“Through decades of experience, GEA has refined the contact fluid bed drying technology to a compact design, to achieve high thermal efficiency and minimizes the risk of thermal degradation.”

Norbert Strieder

Head of Marketing BL Chemical Technologies

“You create the Chemistry, we make it a reality.”