B2BE facilitator, the matchmaker in bioeconomy

The B2BE facilitator brings entrepreneurs from agriculture, horticulture, marine and food industry together with industrial partners around GREEN INNOVATIONS in the carbon neutral economy. Are you looking for new outlets for your residual streams or other biomass? Are you looking for local raw materials or technological solutions for bio-based products with minimal climate impact? Then contact us today. Together we can accelerate the Flemish bio-economy.

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What do we do?

In a nutshell: we connect the parties needed to develop innovative products in the bioeconomy, and with them we go through the first steps towards market introduction.

This means that we identify the right parties and put them in touch with each other, map out any technological obstacles and attract the right parties to deal with them, create trust between all these parties, and make a first assessment of the economic feasibility of the joint process.

One of the ways we do this is thematically: every six months we work on a different relevant theme that is chosen in consultation with the primary sectors and industry. In this way we keep up the pace.

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For whom?

  • Producers of biomass and green waste streams. Think of entrepreneurs in agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, aquaculture, food, beverages, etc. who are looking for sales channels outside the classic agri-food chain.
  • SMEs and entrepreneurs wishing to make their products or processes more sustainable by replacing fossil raw materials with raw materials from local biomass.

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We want to accelerate the development of the bio-economy in Flanders. This is an ambition that the Flemish government formally expressed in the Flemish Policy Plan on Bioeconomy (Vlaams Beleidsplan Bio-economie - in Dutch).

Who are we?

The B2BE facilitator is a task carried out by ILVO in the framework of the Flemish Policy Plan on Bioeconomy. ILVO works closely together in the platform with the EWI and LV departments of the Flemish government, but also reaches out to all other research institutes, practice centers, legal and economic specialists, federations and interest groups.

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Looking for an expert?

Do you relate to the themes presented here or do you have questions about the bioeconomy? Contact the B2BE facilitator right away. Every question that comes in is handled with care.


In heel wat verschillende biomassa(rest)stromen, nevenstromen en primaire producten, zitten interessante structurele en/of actieve componenten die gevaloriseerd kunnen worden in de chemische industrie.