Contact day | Event | Study day Sustainable feedstocks for the future of Chemicals & Plastics

There are limited sources of carbon in a world without fossil fuels. Companies are racing to invest in new technology to utilise these sustainable feedstocks including carbon capture and utilization, biomass, corn, sugarcane, beet, industrial hemp, plastic waste stream, MSW, algae and many others. What problems does the chemical industry experience when processing alternative sustainable feedstocks?

Join the Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals and Plastics in Rotterdam on 29 - 30 March 2023. They will share insights on the various sustainable feedstocks technology innovations, sourcing model, progress & commercialization plans.

Organizer: CMT Events, Centre for Management Technologies

Key Highlights:

  • Deforestation Act in Europe & its impact on available feedstocks
  • Sustainable Feedstocks availability, supply chain challenges, new materials, and products
  • Innovative technology, cost competitiveness and efficient Processing Technologies transitioning to sustainable feedstocks
  • Update on Biorefineries & Chemical Recycling Projects
  • Mass balance approach to accelerate the use of renewable feedstocks in chemical production