Event B2BE Facilitator’s second Explore & Expand workshop


The B2BE Facilitator organizes a second BioeconomyVentures Explore and Expand workshop on April 25th. Be there to pitch your startup and meet the investors!

The purpose of this free BioeconomyVentures Explore & Expand workshop is to stimulate new projects, ideas and startups in the Flemish bioeconomy. This will be done by allowing start-ups, active in the bioeconomy, to pitch their activities, ideas and projects to several interested parties and investors. The workshop will also inform innovative companies about funding opportunities and investors will give feedback on given pitches. The workshop will stimulate new partnerships and the development of innovative bioeconomic ideas.

Are you interested in pitching your idea or start-up at this workshop?
Do not hesitate to contact us before 21/04/2023 via:

+32 9 272 28 64 / info@b2be-facilitator.be / www.b2be-facilitator.be


Introducing B2BE Facilitator, BioeconomyVentures, Investors
Start up pitch rounds
Guided tour in Agrotopia
Network lunch break