Conferentie Valuable products from renewable resources


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EFB 2022

EFB2022 will focus on the production of valuable products from renewable resources, including marine sources. There will be many presentations by SMEs and opportunities for confidential biopartnering with multinational companies.

The event will start with a ublications workshop, followed by the Scientific Programme including presentations by top-level academia and industry experts in marine biotechnology, enzyme engineering, carbon capture, recycling of plastics and other wastes.

Reasons to join us:

  1. Lectures by the best in the field.
  2. Opportunity to present short talks, 2-minute flash poster presentations, or posters. Abstract submission is open for academia and industry!
  3. Take the main stage and present your company. Slots in the main Scientific Programme for both, SMEs and larger companies.
  4. Possibility to announce job vacancies and speak in confidence to potential applicants.
  5. Bio-partnering between SMEs, large companies, and academia
  6. Sponsorships opportunities: bronze, silver, and gold packages starting from €100.
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